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Am Berge 9

Cemetery "Am Berge

The gravestones in the second cemetery follow the style and design of the 19th century. While the inscription on the front side remains in Hebrew, on the back, names and dates of birth and death are written in the Latin alphabet, although the dates are given according to the Jewish calendar. All 450 gravestones have been preserved here. In 1938, the Jewish community was forced to sell the entrance area of the cemetery with two buildings belonging to the chevra kadisha (burial society) and the shed for the hearse. This area was not reconnected to the cemetery and one of the buildings was torn down. Likewise, the “Judenweg” (Jew’s path), which the gate at the end of the cemetery once led to, remains walled up until today.  

Explanation: The chevra kadisha (burial society) is an important institution in every Jewish community. Membership is a highly respected honorary position. Members of the chevra kadisha accompany the seriously ill until death and prepare the burial according to ritual law.

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Audioguide of the cemetery “Am Berge” (German).

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Audioguide of the cemetery “Am Berge” (English).

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