Memorial Place

Judenstraße 25/26

ThinkPlace " And the living take to heart..." (Kohelet 7,2)

Since 2008 the Landrat – object of the artist and botanist Olaf Wegewitz reminds of the destroyed Halberstadt baroque synagogue.

Inaugurated in 1712, it provided worship space for Halberstadt’s Jews until November 9, 1938. On the night of the pogrom, the synagogue was desecrated. It was not set on fire because it is surrounded by half-timbered houses.

From November 19, 1938, the professional demolition of the building took place on the basis of an order of the mayor. The Jewish community had to finance the demolition.

To this day, it has not been clarified what happened to the elaborate furnishings of the synagogue and the congregation’s more than seventy Torah scrolls. Artist Olaf Wegewitz allows nature to take over in the austere frame that emulates the baroque building.

DenkOrt - audio guide

Here is a short audio text about the history of the DenkOrt. (Deutsch)

DenkOrt - audio guide

Here you have a short audio text about the history of the DenkOrt (English)

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